Measures and requirements to travel to Cancun during Covid

We know that in the situation caused by the presence of the Covid-19 virus, before traveling or planning your vacation, a thousand questions arise:
Is my destination safe?
Which destination is the most suitable for traveling at my designated budget?
How to protect yourself when traveling?
What steps should I take before returning home?

The Mexican Caribbean is by far a paradisiacal destination to enjoy a well-deserved vacation. This destination has the “Safe Travels” security seal for travelers granted by the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC).
This certification is exclusive to destinations that have adopted global standards to guarantee the hygiene of establishments and measures to protect traveler´s health.

requirements to travel to cancun during covid

Right from your arrival at the airport, you can rest assured that health measures are followed. In the case it is detected that a tourist has symptoms, a protocol determined by the Quintana Roo Tourism Secretariat will be activated. This protocol involves a network of hospital and clinical analysis laboratories to confirm, care for, and assist tourists at all times.

As prevention measures, the Mexican Federal Health Secretariat, since the beginning of 2020, marked a list of measures that have proven to be highly effective in reducing the possibility of contagion of COVID19 and other respiratory diseases that you should take into account for your trip:

We recommend that you visit the website of the Secretary of Health of Quintana Roo, for updated information on the coronavirus COVID-19 in the Mexican Caribbean. Access the website of the Secretary of Health:

Both the Mexican Caribbean and Cancun City Pass, we are waiting for you soon, so you can enjoy the best attractions in Cancun.

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