How to spend less on your trip to Cancun

Cancun is one of the most coveted Mexican tourist destinations. Many might think that it is a very expensive and luxurious destination, however, there are always options to enjoy it without having to shell out a lot of money. Here are some tips for you to take care of your finances during your vacation.

1.   Upon arrival, avoid taking an airport taxi. The buses that leave from the airport to the center and the hotel zone of Cancun, will be your allies to start your vacation.

2.       Stay in a hotel in the city center. The beach will not be as close as you would like, but you will see considerable savings in your budget. In addition, collective transport will help you move to the best beaches, it all depends on what your priorities will be during your vacation.

3.       Take advantage of public transportation. The best option to move around the city is to use the bus. Taxis located outside hotels are always more expensive than those you take on the street. Keep in mind that they do not have an established rate, so the price will depend on the length of your journey. While the collective vans, they could bring you closer to your destination for less than 5USD.

4.       Eat at restaurants in town. Not all restaurants in Cancun are expensive and exclusive. In the city there are establishments with very accessible prices and different specialties. Most are concentrated in downtown Cancun and its surroundings.

5.       Plan your activities in advance. Although there are tons of excursions and activities to do in Cancun, most have prices that are not at all pocket-friendly. That is why we recommend that you anticipate this expense by planning the places you will visit and looking for the best rates on the market.

Travel agencies, many tourist advisors and even some hotels can offer you tour packages that help you live a total experience, but without a doubt planning your itinerary and having a Cancun City Pass, without intermediaries, will be your pass to the best vacations of your life without sacrificing your pocket, saving up to 63%, in the best attractions.

We hope that with these tips, your next vacation will be soon and you will live the experience of paradise in the most coveted Mexican Caribbean.

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