La Isla Cancun: The best shopping mall in Cancun

La Isla Cancun is the preferred shopping mall for locals and tourists. Located at the Hotel Zone in Cancun, it offers the biggest variety of stores, restaurants, and entertainment. This shopping mall in Cancun is also known as La Isla Shopping Village.

Whether you are looking for some time for shopping or you want to visit some Cancun popular attractions, La Isla mall is the place to go. It has a beautiful location by the Nichupte lagoon which makes a great location for beautiful pictures, especially at sunset time.

This shopping mall is divided into 3 main areas, each one with unique open settings, surrounded by water channels. All together offering over 162 national and international brands.

La isla cancun Shopping Tour
  • La Isla Shopping Village
  • La Isla Entertainment Village
  • Fashion Harbour Cancun

La Isla Cancun Shopping Village

Is the first section of La Isla mall. Offers a big variety of stores, pharmacies, and Mexican and international restaurants. To add some fun to the shopping day, you can visit the following attractions located in this part of La Isla Cancun:

La Isla Cancun Entertainment Village

The newest addition to this shopping mall in Cancun. This section is not yet open all the way, but every day more places are adding to the inventory. Focus on the entertainment you will find here famous attractions besides great shopping. Here some great things to do in La Isla Entertainment Village:

Fashion Harbour Cancun

Is an Open-air, waterfront mall within La Isla Cancun. Offering luxury shopping at designer fashion boutiques, gourmet restaurants, fountains, and much more in style. Take advantage of the duty-free prices available at many of these stores. What is your favorite brand:

Where is la Isla mall in Cancun?

The address of La Isla Shopping mall in Cancun is  5 Lt 18-10, Blvd. Kukulcan km 12.5, Zona Hotelera, 77500 Cancún, Q.R.

In other words, it is located in the middle part of the Hotel Zone. So it is very hard to miss, don’t worry. But to make it easier for you here is the exact location of La Isla Cancun on a map.

How to get to La Isla Cancun Shopping Mall in Cancun?

To get to Isla Cancun mall is very easy on public transportation if you are staying in any hotel in the hotel zone or the downtown area.

Taking a taxi is a faster, but not better price way to get there since taxi rates in the Hotel Zone are usually high.

You can also get there on the popular Cancun City Tour and Shopping Tour since this is one of their many stops. It all depends on your plans and the time you wish to spend in this Cancun mall.

If you are ready to visit La Isla Cancun mall, do not forget to add some entertainment as well. Take a look at the available attraction passes we offer in Cancun City Pass. Tickets to all the attractions in La Isla Cancun are included at a discounted price and with open dates.

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La Isla Shopping mall in Cancun Opening Hours

To visit La Isla, you do not need any reservation or prior notice. It opens every day from 11 AM to 10 PM.

Some of the attractions in La Isla Cancun run on different opening hours. You can check the individual opening hours of the attractions here.

If you want to find out more about La Isla shopping mall in Cancun you can visit their Facebook page here to find out about available sales and discounts.

May you have any questions regarding this information or about Cancun City Pass, please contact us.

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